Film Processing and Conversions VHS to DVD or CD




Converting Video (VHS) to DVD or CD

Base Set Up (Includes High Grade Tape)                                  $29.95
Regular 8, Super 8, or 16mm film to Video                                     .15 per foot
(200 ft minimum)  (If no sound / free music included)
To help you calculate your footage for 8mm, Super 8 & 16 mm reels
Diameter    3                 5            6           7
Footage     50             200        300       400
When submitting your materials: Reels should be numbered in sequence.  Approximately 1800 feet of regular 8 film 2100 feet of Super 8 film, or 4000 feet of 16 mm film will fit on a 2 hours VHS tape.

 Photos Transferred to Video Package

 50 Photos DISSOLVE into each other                        $79.95
2 titles (beginning and end) FREE Music Added
                        additional Photos added to package           .98 each
Extra copies                                                                  $18.00 each
If extra copies are needed, they should be ordered at the time of initial processing so that they can all
be made as masters. (Best Quality) Be sure to include beginning and ending titles (12 words of less for each)

 Slides to Video Package            minimum  $79.95
 (includes set-up, transferring 60 slides & free music)
Additional slides added to package                                     .79 each

VHS copies from VHS, VHS-C, 8 mm & Beta (under 2 hours) $18.00 ea.